Terry has his own brand of quizzing. He draws a clear line between GK and Quizzing as he has been treading both genres.
20/20 GK is a book by him from Tata McGraw Hill- a fast track book for aspirants to take up the cudgels of competitive examinations. His mantra here is spelt out with the 3Rs: Read, Record, Recall.
He has been a quiz master since 1976, a professional quiz master conducting quizzes at Youth festivals in various institutes such as ISM (Indian School of Mines), REC Rourkela, XISS, BIT, Sindhri,  British Council. He has conducted both general quizzes and theme based quizzes.
His mantra for quizzing; Have a keen sense of observation. DO NOT LOOK, SEE!
A Quizzing enthusiast, he believes got to have to develop the following skills:

  • Observe
  • Note
  • Quiz instinct: Work out the answer. In all probability a good quiz master will not pick up printed questions. There is a TEAM that will work out the answer.
  • If you don’t know the answer give a stupid answer- the trophy is for you. At a Sports Quiz Chima Okerie asked the meaning of his name “Chima’. This was to decide the winner; all teams failed. He goaded the last team on and one them just thn one participant threw his arms up and said’ God knows’. Trust him. That was the correct answer.
  • Above all have a sense of humour
  • EDUTAINMENT is the bottom line of quizzing.

 Terry O'Brien has motivated and enthused countless number of magazine readers, television viewers, radio listeners and students with his innovative, yet appealing quizzes. Quizzing and communicating come naturally to him, who combines the quest of knowledge with a desire to share it with the world. Well-known quizmaster Terry O'Brien's erudition brings the world of mythology closer to all of us. He deals with tales that many of us have grown up with, and it is a pleasure to try and see how much we remember from those days.

As an hobby, Terry believes it is the most expensive hobby- one has to buy several magazines, newspapers, and informative books. DON’T BUY QUIZ BOOKS!! Create your own brand.
ABOVE ALL MAKE IT A CLEAN HOBBY- don’t be mercenary as Quiz Master. However there is no such thing as a ‘Free Lunch’   
He has had quiz column is some of the leading magazines such as Vanita and tabloids such as TEHELKA and newspapers such as YEMEN TIMES, The Pioneer, Amar Ujala and Hindustan.
He has also been a radio jockey for live quizzes on FM Gold and the Quizmaster for the SAARC countries.